Workings of the Consultancy Service


This documents explains the process related to one or more of the following consultancy services:

• Strategic Marketing Communications’ Planning.

• Development of New Products and Services & New Revenue Streams

• Recommendations for your Website.

After having had a preliminary discussion, including the identification of your needs and plans in strategic development and marketing planning, we will set an appointment together in sufficient time so that both parties can properly prepare for the meeting. The meeting will be performed with screen sharing, video, audio, text and file sending, by Skype, Google Talk, Zoom or Whats App. If you are located in the Greater Montreal area or in the Laurentians, this can be done in person.

Elements to Ideally Prepare for the Meeting

Marketing Strategy

• Your short, medium and long-term goals and needs, we will help you with this process as needed.

• Your planned new products or services.

• At what capacity of production are you at, how many more sales could you handle.

• Establish an approximate marketing budget for the coming year (at least an approximation of what you spent last year in marketing communication), this will help us narrow down the options available to you.

• The statistics of your marketing tracking.

• Inventory of your resources human and other resources available.

• Most of your present and past material from marketing, promotion, advertising, media coverage, flyer, press kit, etc.

• Visit statistics for your website.

• Access and passwords for your websites and your hosts in case you need to show us some its the content and functionalities.

• Type of website Platform you are using: Wordpress, Joomla, etc

• What type of server you are using to host your site: Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated.
• What email system or provider you are using to send emails to your subscribers

Meeting Recommendations

• Allow a 3 hour time slot, even if the appointment duration is shorter, if the flow is very productive, it is better not to curtail it prematurely.

• Allow yourself an hour after the appointment to take notes and reflect on the discussions and their implications while it is still fresh.

Our Preparation for the Consultation Meeting

Marketing Strategy
• Analysis of your business activities based on our discussions, the information you sent to us and the information on your website.

• Analysis
• Preparation of preliminary recommendations. Based on the complexity of your products, services and website, an approximate time of preparation for the meeting will be finalized following our preliminary discussion. A document will be prepared to this end for which you will get a copy.

- Recommendations for improvements including:
- Navigation and user-friendliness
- Automation of processes and functionalities
- Content Improvement
- Identify and list potential revenue stream concepts
- Identification of relevant possible variations of revenue stream
- Identification of best way to implement this into your business model/website
- How it may affect or be connected to other aspects of your site
- Identify features, controls/parameters that will be needed for users
- Identify features, functionalities that will be needed for back end administration
- Research & select best component/plugin/application or source/supplier to implement this RGS

Process of the 1st Meeting

• This is a Brainstorming and exploration session around the “Preparation for the Consultation Meeting » document. We will establish your essentials needs and objectives, to deliver the most pertinent and practical recommendations.

• We will analyze your past and present marketing communications activities for their ROI (return on investment) and synthesize this into your strategic plan.
• Explore new services, products and sources of revenue.

• A portrait of the global marketing initiatives that are most powerful in your business environment will be explained and shown how to implement.

• The marketing tools and communication networks that are most productive in your circumstances will be identified.
• Identification of elements that require further research.

• 1st phase priorities will be established.

• Begin establishing a timetable, if appropriate at this stage.

• Collection of data necessary to complete the required estimates, if applicable.

• A video or audio recording of the meeting will be captured for reference.

• Notes are taken by both parties.

• Schedule the next appointment.


Meeting Follow Up

Video Recording of the Meeting
If you wish, a copy can be provided following the meeting. The video file will be transferred and edited in a video application to remove unnecessary portions and optimize sound quality and convert it to mp4 format. We will send you an email with a download link.

1st Phase Marketing Plan
A document will be produced summarizing the highlights of the preparation document and "Brainstorming" session. This will form the basis of your evolving Strategic Marketing Plan. This will reflect the immediate marketing priorities and will be the foundation of your marketing strategy. The time to produce this document is approx. 1.5 hours for each hour the meeting lasted, that is to say, if the meeting lasted 2 hours, it would take approx. 3 hours to redact the document. There are always additional wave of inspirational ideas that surface during this process that were not discussed at the meeting and these will be included.

Other services that may be suggested as a result of the consultancy

• In-depth analysis and recommendations for your site:

a) Structure, architecture, navigation and usability.

b) Finer details on new revenue streams including specifics on components/plugins, suppliers’ links, options of functions, etc.

c) New features and automation.

d) Tools to make the site more user-friendly: Better instructions for users.

e) Recommendations for text improvements, more enticing and better structured.

f) Analysis and recommendations for search engine optimization, site text, meta-tags, alt-tags and keyword analysis.

• In-depth research needed, as identified at the meeting
• Development of a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Communications Plan. This essentially requires the repetition of the process described above i.e., meeting-discussion, analysis, research, drafting of the plan.
• Market research & customer satisfaction study

• Analysis of competition

• Other marketing communication initiatives, campaigns and cross-marketing partnership search.
• Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plan

A proposal will be submitted beforehand for each of the desired tasks above.

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