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In today's computerized world it is essential for almost all businesses to have a significant presence on the Web. Thirty percent of searches on the Web are health related. If your Web site is not high on hits, it is not an image problem. It is rather a problem of Web site marketing because your Web site undoubtedly has poor visibility on the net. Simply put, it ranks low in search engine results displayed, because it is not registered in the appropriate directories. It should be borne in mind that 8 in 10 Internet surfers use search engines to find a Web site on the Net. Of the 8, less than 10% go beyond the 30th search result. In other words, if you do not appear in the first 30 search results, your are virtually non-existent for 90% of search engine users.




Web site marketing is a complicated art, involving interactive test and evaluate iterations over a period of time to optimize the position of your Web site in search engine rankings. It is a process involving in-depth market analysis requiring methodologie and strategic planning. Web positioning is a fine-tuning operation affecting numerous links in a long chain and is crucial to the sucess of your web site.


The lack of knowledge or disregard for the rules specific to each search engine can prove costly, and can even lead to the banning of your Web site in search engine indexes. So this complicated and meticulous task, which is so central to almost all businesses, should not be neglected or assigned to the technically light-hearted. It is a job for experienced professionals. 


Communion's Web marketing experts will help you plan your Web marketing campaign over a 1 to 3 year period according to your objective and to your budget. Our goal is to increase quality traffic to your Web site, translate visits into sales and improve the bottom line of your online activities. We will implement time-tested strategies to optimally exploit all Web resources.


Referencing and indexing are amongst the most cost-effective, proven methods for generating customer Web traffic.

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