Douglas Newsom BBS Radio

Dear Raymond,

"Your presentation is very detailed and presents a incredible array of different marketing avenues, module systems and revenue generators. This was very surprising for a firm who has been in the web Radio business since 2003 and we thought we knew it all.

It is well laid out and eye opening. Thank you for providing our company such a comprehensive new revenue source document."


Douglas Newsom


BBS Radio

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1500 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549

(530) 240-5861

Centre St-Pierre (Conferences & Workshops)

Montreal, July 9, 2012


For the attention of Raymond Morris,

The Center St-Pierre has for years offered training and conferences in personal and spiritual development.

We were looking for a new way to reach customers interested in our activities.

We heard about Communion and the services it offered through its Communi-Key Health newsletter distribution network.

For the past three years, we have used their mailing service several times a year. We managed to reach and retain new audiences

Mr. Raymond Morris of Communion always advised us well and showed a great availability.


Looking forward to collaborating again together!


Christine Lessard
Communications Officer
St Peter's Center
514-524-3561 ext. 250


Recommend Aquaforce


From: Richard Morris
205 Touzin Ave
Dorval, Quebec,
Canada, H9S 2N1

To whom it may concern

I have used the services of Raymond Morris to create artwork for various applications. During the period april 1998 to april 1999 he designed brochures, flyers and envelopes for a mailing. I was entirely satisfied with his work and would gladly recommend him for any artwork. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours Truly


Richard Morris
Owner from June1989 to April 1999
Now consultant to new owner

Alexandre D’Artois of Himalayan Hermitage

We recently hired Raymond Morris from Communion Marketing to help develop our spiritual retreat business in Nepal. We are still in the early phases of our business and with the small available budget we had for consultancy, Raymond was able to provide us with many new insights on how to cost-effectively promote our retreats to the public at large.

He is very knowledgeable about the whole structure of the industry out there and was able to refer us to many very useful networks. We will definitely use him again once are budget allows it.

Alexandre D’Artois


BOCAR recommends


From: Jacques Beauchamp
St-Laurent, Quebec,
Canada, H4T 1Y2

To whom it may concern 15 Nov. 1999

We at B0-Car have benefited from the graphic design work of Raymond Morris during the course of 1998. He produced an extensive catalogue of our products which we have used to date with great satisfaction. We found working with him to be very efficient and inspiring. We look forward to using his services in the future and would recommend him without hesitation. If you have any question please call us on the number below.

Yours Truly

Jacques Beauchamp
Sales Director