Website Analysis & Recommendations

We have extensive experience in the area of ​​Innovative Revenue for Website. We offer you to analyse your website to then make recommendations for additional revenues and features. We also offer suggestions for ease of use and navigation. We can also help you improve your text to increase conversion rate.

In the process of analysis, we will examine:
- The structure
- Navigation
- Attractiveness for your targeted clientele
- The text: to increase conversion rate
- Hurdles to purchase
- Sources of revenues
- Missing automations
- Capturing visitor emails
- Your email sending system
- Multiple others

We will offer various software that will help you earn additional revenue and make many of your processes much more efficient (automate) with great flexibility to fit your specific business needs.

At Communion Marketing, we have a rare specialty in complex website architecture with multiple innovative sources of revenue.

Unlike the majority of Web firms, who tend to only do what you asked them to do, we always take the proactive approach of asking a multitude of questions to see what could help you accomplish more sales and make your processes more efficient. We put our feet in your shoes and we think for you wherever there is potential benefit for you and your clients.

Most Recent Testimonials

Dear Raymond,

"Your presentation is very detailed and presents a incredible array of different marketing avenues, module systems and revenue generators. This was very surprising for a firm who has been in the web Radio business since 2003 and we thought we knew it all.

It is well laid out and eye opening. Thank you for providing our company such a comprehensive new revenue source document."


Douglas Newsom

BBS Radio
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